Who We Are

In Christ we are a welcoming and inclusive community that knows and shares the love of God and serves those in need.

The members of St. Mary’s have always been part of the progressive, liberal theology of the Anglican Church, but we also enjoy the traditional settings of services mixed in with more contemporary fare. The parish welcomes all equally – young, older, single, families, LGBT persons, or otherwise. Our current congregation is a joyous mix of “cradle” Anglicans, members baptized into other denominations and faiths, and newcomers to Christ.

We are a medium-large parish with a friendly congregation. We have a variety of worship styles and education programs to help people grow in their faith. We are active in outreach, have a significant amount of programming that supports the parish community life and builds relationships amongst our parish family. We offer lots of programming and support to our young families who come here.

Our average Sunday morning attendance across the three different services is approximately 200 people. We welcome newcomers as well as those returning after time away. Please introduce yourself to us and let us know how we can get to know you better.

St. Mary’s Kerrisdale is one of 80 parishes in the Diocese of New Westminster.