Caring for Our Church

Caring for our Church
Stewardship Moment written by Deborah Spafford

Nothing says stewardship like 'tidying up' and the entire congregation was invited to participate in a day of spring cleaning as part of our lenten exercise. I was assigned to supervise the work in the Sacristy which in my case really meant running back and forth to Rev. Lindsay to ask 'retention or donation' questions.

It was a day of discovery for everyone, but I was especially taken by four portable communion sets. I had never considered the items with which a priest delivers communion when visiting parishioners in hospital or at home. The sets were all lovingly donated some time ago (small plates recording the donor attached to each). It reminded me of the value of caring for these items, which are shared with families who are in need of comfort. So much of what we do at St. Mary's gives comfort.

What a blessing to be a part of that.

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