Greeters & Ushers

Greeters and Ushers Meeting - Sunday, August 11, after 10 am service
(Diocesan School Project – Greeting and Ushering)
“Gushers” is a term we have been applying to people filling a couple of roles particularly at the 9:15 service: a) greeting, and b) taking up collection (including dealing with it at the end of the service), and marking for communion. 

We want to divide up the roles into the original ones of greeting and ushering, in order to increase participation, identify and recruit people for each of these distinct ministries according to their gifts, and allow more people to participate in the life of the parish on Sunday mornings. If you are going to be attending a service anyway, this is a great way to be an important and contributing participant!

Interested in being part of this (simple but vital) ministry? Currently serving the parish in any of these roles? Join us Sunday, August 11th, after the 10am service. If you are at all interested, and can't make the brief meeting, or would like to learn more please talk to Rev. Lindsay. New to the Parish or Re-engaging with the Parish?