PWRDF Update

The recent total of our recent Auction and Trivia night will be announced shortly! The funds raised will be shared equally between our mission and ministry here at St Mary's and the new PWRDF project we heard about from Jessica on the night- supporting women farmers in Colombia in their challenges with climate change. Thank you to all donors, parishioners and staff who helped make this such a memorable evening.

Christmas is coming and parishioners may like to take a look at all the options for gift giving in the October Anglican Journal supplement -PWRDF World of Gifts. There is such a wide variety of options listed. It is exciting to just read about the possibilities and the ways to donate are all listed right there. Also on the subject of Christmas- PWRDF Christmas cards are available from PWRDF head office in Toronto. You can order online at or ring Mike Ziemerink in Toronto on 416 924 9199 ext 306. The cards will be posted to your home. This arrangement will be more convenient for most parishioners.

Recently Susan Ohannesian rode in the PWRDF Ride for Refuge representing St Mary's. She rode in the Vancouver team. Susan raised $1,200 and the team raised over $6,000. Thank you to all parishioners who supported Susan's ride.