PWRDF Update

So great to see that parishioners are using the online option for purchasing their tickets for our auction and trivia night. Tickets are still available and there will be an option for the 8am worshipers to acquire their tickets after the 8am service this Sunday in the Narthex. Jessica Steele from the PWRDF Youth Council, who spoke at our last A & T night, will give a short presentation on the PWRDF project we are supporting this time. It is teaching sustainable farming methods with the realities of climate change particularly in South America! Jessica featured in the recent Anglican Journal supplement 'Under the Sun'.

Also in the same Anglican Journal parishioners will see that the PWRDF Christmas cards are already available. I would encourage those parishioners keen to acquire the cards to order them from the head office as outlined in the advertisement. It is more convenient in the end as the cards are posted directly to your home.

This year in the PWRDF Ride for Refuge Susan Ohannesian will be riding and representing St Mary's Vancouver on Saturday 5th October. She would so appreciate your support. You can do this by an online donation here. If any other cyclists would like to join her this would be most appreciated. They are raising funds for women in the Congo this year.

For more information about the PWRDF Auction & Trivia Night coming up and how to purchase tickets - click the button below.

Intern: Jason Brown

From time to time parishes are approached by the Diocese to take on interns. This year we have been invited to take on two individuals: one is in the ordination process to become a vocational or permanent deacon, and the second is in the ordination process to become a priest. Jason Brown is an Aspirant for Holy Orders, in the Order of Priests, and he will be offering 8-10 hours a week in his commitment to St. Mary's. He will have unique learning goals that we will seek to support during his time with us, and his work will be overseen by Rev. Lindsay. We look forward to welcoming him and being a community where he can learn and grow! Here’s a bit more information about Jason Brown:


Jason Brown

I was born in Southern California in a devout Mormon household. I served an LDS mission and attended Brigham Young University, the Mormon University in Utah. I studied anthropology. After much holy wrestling, I pulled away from Mormon practice and sought deeper spiritual connection through contemplative practices and nature spirituality. I earned Master's degrees from Yale in forestry and theology, and then moved back to Salt Lake City to teach ethics and world religions in 2011. While attending a Holy Saturday vigil I was deeply moved by the liturgy and fell in love with the Catholic tradition. I was drawn to the Eucharist, the monastic tradition, the liturgy, music and rich Trinitarian theology. I moved to Vancouver in 2013 to complete my PhD in Environmental Humanities, studying the sense of place of Catholic monks in the American West. I have been active in the Anglo-Catholic tradition since about 2017. I look forward to exploring the depth and breadth of the Anglican tradition at St. Mary's Kerrisdale. I am currently a full time Sessional Instructor at Simon Fraser University and Corpus Christi College. I teach ethics, religious studies, and environmental humanities courses. I am also a research associate at the Vancouver School of Theology and founder of The Holyscapes Project (

Family Feast & More!

We have Family Feast tonight - Friday Sept.13th - from 5-7pm in our Parish Hall. We hope you’ll join us!

Family Feasts are a once a month potluck where families and young adults can gather, eat, and strengthen connections. With fun, low-key activities each Family Feast is bound to be a wonderful time for the whole family.

Questions? Email Kimberly for more information at

Soundboard Training

Ever wonder what John does back in the corner during worship??? Now is your time to find out!!!

On Sunday, September 22nd John will meet with interested individuals to be apart of our Sound Team!  Learn all the ins and outs of this important ministry!  Interested individuals (youth and adults) are asked to meet John at 8:55 for a brief orientation, the rest of the training will be concurrent with the 9:15 service and then include a 30 minute debrief following worship.

If you are interested in learning more or plan on attending please email John directly at