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Liz Ruder-Celiz


Associate Priest


604.261.4228 ext.223


I'm usually working Sundays,  Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Hi, I'm Liz...

...I'm the Associate Priest in charge of Family Ministries. I've been here at St. Mary's since May of 2016. I often feel like my job is to make sure that lots of balls stay in the air, but thankfully I'm not the only person juggling them.

Most of my work is centered around children, youth, and families. I work closely with Kimberly Blair, our Youth & Children Ministry Director and our Communications Director, to coordinate and support the various Family Ministries that happen weekly, monthly, and annually. I coordinate and support the Sunday School, and am responsible for the scheduling. Kimberly and I teach confirmation classes, and I attend youth groups as needed. I coordinate and support the Young Adult gatherings, and I'm the clergy contact for Faith House.

I serve as a pastoral connection for families. Each week, we send out a Family Ministries email with a reflection to keep busy families up to date on what's happening at the Church, and places where they can plug in.

I work to make sure that things like the pancake supper, Lent in a bag, Advent wreaths and the parish picnic happen.  Thankfully I have dedicated people who take on these wonderful events, so I’m not doing it alone, in fact often my job is to make sure that people have what they need to exercise their ministry.

Last year St. Mary’s went to the ballpark, and we created an inter-generational Lenten study, so that everyone can come and be fed both physically and spiritually during Lent. As a parent myself, I know how busy we are, so often my work is to make sure everybody gets fed: body, spirit, and soul.

We are a very busy place, and I love it!

Along with Family Ministries, I preach and preside on Sundays, and I help Christine Rowe with care home services.  I look after the scheduling for the Clergy team, and I’m the pastoral contact for the ACW.  I attend staff meetings and liturgy meetings, and parish council as needed.  I do weddings, funerals, baptisms, and general clergy stuff.

I work closely with the clergy and staff, especially Christine Rowe and Kimberly Blair.  I am currently working ¾ time, but will go back to ½ time once our New Rector arrives!  I love working in the team.  I feel really privileged to be here among you doing work I love with such amazing, faithful people.

I’m usually (subject to all kinds of change) at St. Mary’s or at work on Sundays, and Wednesdays through Fridays. Please feel encouraged to reach out to me!


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