Kimberly Blair


Youth & Children's Ministry Director,
and Communications Director


604.261.4228 ext.226


I'm usually working Sundays, and Mondays through Fridays

Hi there, I'm Kimberly Blair...

...I'm the Youth & Children's Ministry Director and the Communications Director here at St. Mary's.

I have many years of experience working and volunteering in both the youth and communications sectors through the BC Yukon Anglican Youth Movement (BCYAYM), Sorrento Centre, the Diocesan Council, and several other exciting organizations. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in Communications and Publishing at Simon Fraser University.

As the Youth Director: My work includes leading and coordinating youth groups, young adults programming, supporting Sunday school, and helping to coordinate family ministry events.  As well, my work encompasses pastoral visits, and encouraging and equipping young people and families to be involved with their faith and in the life of the Church.

As the Communications Director: My work includes coordinating the church’s social media, website, emails, news bulletins/notices, and other such sources of communications. My focus is on delivery of the church communications rather than developing the content, although I do some of that as well.

My hope for St. Mary's is that it continues to be a space where young people and families feel included, safe, and loved; and where they are fully welcomed, along with all of God’s children, into the family and ministry of St. Mary’s.

I'm usually in the office Wednesday through Fridays, but I also do a lot of work offsite meeting with different youth, youth organizations, or coordinating program for St. Mary's. Please don't hesitate to contact me.


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