Star Wars Family Lent Series

5-7pm, Feb.18 & Mar.4

Jedi have a rule of life, come discover yours.

The Star Wars Lent Series will begin in the Parish Hall with us eating dinner together, and then participate in a brief worship. Afterwards, we'll split up into two groups: children and young youth who are needing active adventurous programming will go with Kimberly into the gym; adults and older youth who are needing deeper spiritual development and programming will stay with Liz in the Parish Hall. Both groups will dive into what it means to practice a Rule of Life. We will regroup at the end for some closure and then send you on your way with tools, resources, and Star Wars swag!

I hope you will join us. Please RSVP to Liz or Kimberly via email so we have an idea of numbers for food. And please share our poster.

Visit from Bishop Melissa

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated Epiphany with us and Bishop Melissa. She had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting with everyone. Below you can see some pictures of her visit. She worshiped with us at all three services, met with our leadership, and had dinner with our young adults.

Celebrate Christmas with Us

Join us this Christmas Season

Postcard Version 2.jpg

December 24th

Advent 4 at 8am & 10am
Typical Sunday Eucharist celebrating the fourth Sunday in Advent: Peace!

Children's Pageants at 3pm & 4:30pm
A participatory retelling of the story of Jesus' birth. Come early for seats!

Christmas Eve Mass at 7pm & 11pm
Holy Eucharist, carols, all welcome. Come half an hour early for Christmas Carols!

December 25th

Christmas Day Eucharist at 10am
Holy Eucharist on Christmas morning - let us celebrate the birth of Christ!

December 31st

Christmas 1 Eucharist at 8am & 10am
Typical Sunday Eucharist celebrating the first Sunday of the Christmas Season.

January 5th

Feast of Carols at 7pm
Guest choirs each bring a Christmas piece, lots of congregational carol-singing, and a great reminder that Christmas doesn't end on Christmas Day!

January 7th

Epiphany at 8am, 9:15, & 11:15am
The Bishop will be joining us to celebrate the arrival of the magi.

Parish Profile - Exciting News!

It is with great excitement that we announce our parish profile has now been published by the Synod office. This publication marks the formal start of the search for our next rector, and we have attached a link to the profile for your reference. 

Please feel free to send it out to relatives, friends, friends-of-friends, or anyone you think may be interested or could know someone who would fit our needs. Even though you may not be on the Canonical Committee formally, we count on everyone in the parish to be on the look-out for a potential rector! 

There will be a full-colour copy of the profile outside the church office, and also a limited number of black-and-white copies in the Narthex over the next few weeks.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this profile. Whatever your participation level, be it small or large, it all helped shape a clear picture of who we are and what we need to see SMK through the next 10-15 years - to share the gifts we receive from one another, from our clergy, and especially from God.

We are so excited for our new rector to join us. Please continue praying for our future rector.


Keith Bunnell & Susan Chinnery,
Canonical Committee Co-chairs

Two Choral Scholarships Available!

An Exciting New Opportunity – St Mary’s Kerrisdale Anglican Church is delighted to offer two Choral Scholarships – TENOR and BASS – for the 2017/2018 year.  These scholarship positions will join our other professional singers to serve as the core of the choir, and supplement the church’s group of twenty-plus dedicated volunteers.

Brief Church History –The members of St. Mary’s have always been part of the progressive, liberal theology of the Anglican Church, but we also enjoy the traditional settings of services mixed in with more contemporary fare. The parish welcomes all equally – young, older, single, families, LGBT persons, or otherwise. Our current congregation is a joyous mix of “cradle” Anglicans, members baptized into other denominations and faiths, and newcomers to Christ. We are a medium-large parish with a friendly congregation. We have a variety of worship styles and education programs to help people grow in their faith. We are active in outreach, have a significant amount of programming that supports the parish community life and builds relationships amongst our parish family.

Congregational Mission StatementIn Christ we are a welcoming and inclusive community that knows and shares the love of God, and serves those in need.

Scholarship Details – The scholarship offers up to $3,000 for the year, September through June, plus bonuses for extra services or rehearsals.  Scholarships are held up to a year, with an annual review. Scholar stipends are paid monthly and depend on attendance.  It is important that the potential scholars have relevant choral experience.  Candidates should have excellent sight-reading ability and musicianship, consistent attendance and preparation, and a versatile range and vocal timbre that will blend well with the rest of the choir.

Scholarship Time Commitment – The time obligations for the scholars are as follows:

  • One mid-week rehearsal on Thursday evenings, 7-9pm
  • One Sunday morning service at 11:15am, with a 10:30am rehearsal call
  • Participation in the great services of the church: Advent & Christmas Lessons & Carols; Christmas Eve; Ash Wednesday; Holy Week services etc.
  • In addition to the Sunday services, section leaders may have the opportunity to sing funerals, weddings and other special events throughout the year.

Application Process and Requirements – Candidates do not need to have held a scholarship previously to apply, or need to have been part of an Anglican congregation.  All candidates, regardless of background, are heartily encouraged to apply as we are committed to all policies of diversity and inclusion.  Know that you are welcome among us.

  • Application – State your interest in the scholarship program and request a scholarship application by emailing the Director of Music at
  • Audition – candidates may be auditioned within the context of a service, or separately, as seems best.

Questions? – If you have any further questions about the scholarship or the audition process, please feel free to email Brigid Coult, the Director of Music at  or call the Music Office at 604-261-4228 x 227. 

We look forward to hearing from you and encourage your application.

Community Meal Story

In my role as Community Librarian for Vancouver’s northwest neighbourhoods, it has been my pleasure to attend several Community Meals at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale during the past year. Part of my “representing the library in the community” entails helping people obtain library cards and assisting existing patrons with issues such as overdue fines and lost items.

Although I certainly enjoy meeting members of the community at St. Mary’s, several of whom are patrons of my home branch, Kitsilano, I especially like reconnecting with the many volunteers who make the meal a reality each week. St. Mary’s impresses me with its loving and committed community-minded meal crew!

I also try to bring articles of used clothing with me during my visits; donations from members of my co-op. These usually “fly off the rack” at the Community Meal and it pleases me to see clothing recycled and shared as well as books.

We were pleasantly surprised at the quantity and quality of the month’s donations and were quickly surrounded by the curious. One woman named Lorraine found that many items were a perfect fit and style. She was thrilled with her “finds,” saying that “Santa has arrived early!” and that she normally could never afford such great items. She repeatedly asked me to tell the members of my co-op how grateful she was to receive this gift of a new wardrobe.

Later, whilst I was serving coffee, tea, and milk, Lorraine approached me to thank me and the members of my co-op once yet again and passed me a note written on a serviette to give to the member of my co-op whom I suspect donated the “gifts” that she received.

When I conveyed Lorraine’s expression of gratitude, I received this email reply from my neighbour:

Hi Michael,
Thank you for the lovely note. I am an avid second-hand shopper and fashion addict. I am delighted these items were useful to others. Having this bin in our building makes it very easy to give. Kudos to you for being such an engaged Community Librarian! 
Ann Marie     

It is moments like this – facilitating simple human connections – that make my job such a joy.

Thanks again to the St. Mary’s community for welcoming me to their Community Meals – they are the highlight of my monthly “to-do” calendar.

Michael McCarthy
Community Librarian | Northwest Area
Vancouver Public Library

Welcome to SMK's Good News Blog

Hi there, and welcome to our new blog where we will be posting the good news that is happening here at St. Mary's Kerrisdale. Here you will be able to get the latest news, announcements, stories, and updates on God's ministry in this place.

Our church is a place of abundant ministry and we are so excited to share it with you! Subscribe to this blog to be notified of when a new post is published. 

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