What is confirmation?
The Cristosal Base Community (CBC) – a member of St. Mary’s Outreach Council – was formed by parishioners and friends interested in human rights and community development work in El Salvador. The CBC is affiliated with the Anglican Fundación Cristosal based in the United States and El Salvador, creating opportunities for spiritual, cross-cultural and strategic formation and education in both geographic communities. We organize regional support and work to support the people of El Salvador through a grassroots fundraising network. The CBC encourages activism and participation in social justice, human rights and environmental issues affecting the people of El Salvador within the parish, the wider diocesan community, and Canada.

St. Mary's Confirmation Course:
We offer a confirmation course each year to support young people through the confirmation process. The course consists of several classes - where candidates will meet with our Family Ministries clergy person and our Youth Director - and attend the Winter Retreat youth conference at Sorrento Centre as well as the Confirmation Prep Day hosted by the Diocese and Bishop. (see below for this year's course info)

If you are an adult interested in being confirmed, please contact us, and we will work together with you to find the best way to support you.

In need of assistance?

We're so sorry for your loss. Email, call, or stop by our office to arrange a meeting.